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About Us

This site is dedicated to the memory of Elsa Magdalena Verster. Beloved mother to Ilse and Debbie, passionate animal lover and LWP's most loyal supporter. Gone, but never forgotten. Always with us.


Laat Waai Papagaai NPC’s mission is to serve exotic bird lovers and owners by providing support to parrots in need, whether it is a medical or otherwise health related issue. Whether you need help in training, education or dietary requirements in becoming a fit and proper responsible bird owner, our aim is to assist you and your parrots so they can live a healthy and happy life as a companion bird.

We are involved in the rescuing and rehoming of parrots. We are advocates for animal rights and the combatting of the illegal trade in exotic birds and hatching mills.

The Laat Waai Papagaai team is dedicated to raising awareness about responsible parrot ownership and helping parrots in distress.

Our motto is “let no parrot be left behind” – which highlights our passion in championing the cause of the companion parrot.

Our Story

Laat Waai Papagaai is a non-profit company founded in 2018 by Ilse Meyer along with 3 other members and is dedicated to the well-being of parrots in Southern Africa.

The journey to start this non-profit was born out of a love and passion for parrots. In December 2015 we started a Facebook group where like-minded parrot-lovers met to discuss and share information. We grew organically from this small Facebook group and started raising funds, helping group members take care of their medical bills and connecting people with the right experts.

Our small Facebook group which began in December 2015 quickly grew its membership base to over 30,000 members, but the group was disabled by Facebook’s AI.

We started a new group in January 2021 and we are already coming back stronger. We also started this website which is dedicated in furthering our cause as it is important to us be a real force. We take the issue of responsible parrot ownership and addressing the plight of birds kept in captivity as a serious issue.

From our grassroots beginning then, we have only ever aimed to aid and assist parrot owners in caring for the avians that is so near and dear to our hearts and by the end of July of 2018 we decided to launch a Non-Profit Company and that is how Laat Waai Papagaai NPC was born. Since then we also registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organization, which means that we can provide you with a tax deductible s18A certificate.

We are dedicated to raising funds to assist parrots in need of medical treatment and educating people about responsible bird ownership.

Our Team



Ilse Meyer is the founder of LWP. She saw an urgent need for the education of owners and the upliftment of parrots. She started focusing on health and soon the LWP network had grown to include vets and many community members. Ilse is thankful to her family and friends for their continued support.
Ilse is also the CEO and Founder of Rani Herbs, a local South African company committed to avian and animal health with a range of 100% natural health products and remedies.

Debbie Viviers


Debbie is Ilse’s sister, and like Ilse, she was raised with a love and passion for parrots.
Debbie is a pillar of support in the day-to-day operations of LWP. Not only does she focus on administration and management, she is also the carer of nine (9) special needs parrots who cannot be rehomed.
Debbie cares for birds who are neurologically damaged and exhibit extreme behavioral issues. Her passion for and dedication to these special birds is integral to the core mission of LWP. NO parrot will be left behind; regardless of their needs.

Erik Pretorius – Company Secretary

Erik is a chartered accountant, registered ethics officer and legal expert who holds multiple degrees in the fields of accounting, tax and law and has served as secretary on multiple large non-profit companies throughout his career.
Erik is a valuable team member whose love for birds and in helping non-profits like us stay sustainable means that we have a strong foundation with ethical leadership and the right expertise to help us reach our goals
Erik also has numerous parrots of his own, and is often called upon to assist with rehabilitation, which he always does with passion and kindness. His love for birds is what drives his commitment to the vision and mission of LWP.

The incredible LWP Admin team and network of supporters are the backbone of the organization. There is nothing they will not do to carry out the LWP mission. All hours of the day and night – this team of Avian Angels are always standing by to assist generously. These are the members who moderate our FB groups, those who drive around rescuing birds, those who design our pamphlets, those who clip nails, those who carry the organisation in their hearts and on their shoulders – without you, LWP is nothing.

To the team who assist with time intensive operations managing LWP – all praise is yours. You know who you are.

Our Members

Our members come from all walks of life and we are united by our love for animals and in particular, our passion for parrots. You might say we’re a bit obsessed.
Although we are based in Gauteng, our membership base is nation-wide and we will help any parrot or any parrot owner anywhere in the country.
Membership is free, but we also offer paid subscription packages for our corporate supporters.
We also provide veterinarians and animal rights activists with special memberships for their valuable contribution in caring for parrots and other avian species.

We also welcome on board 1 honorary member:

Dr Dorianne Elliott

Head veterinarian (avian and exotic specialist veterinarian) and owner of Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital at Onderstepoort.