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Welcome to the online home of Laat Waai Papagaai.
We are a charity driven by our passion and commitment to the conservation and responsible ownership of companion birds.

Welcome to Laat Waai Papagaai NPC

Let no parrot be left behind!

Laat Waai Papagaai NPC is a registered public benefit organization, dedicated to protecting and promoting the plight of exotic bird species in the public interest. We help parrots to receive the treatment they need, we raise awareness about keeping avians, we offer medical and welfare support to parrots as well as an advocate for animal rights with a focus on avians.

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“I rescued my African Grey parrot (Stoffel) from unscrupulous smugglers from the Congo, and due to the horrible conditions he had to endure, I had to rush him to our nearest veterinarian. He was diagnosed with Pneumonia and malnourishment, they wanted to euthanize him, however I decided against it because how can I rescue him and then euthanize? I contacted LWP and you assisted me with such compassion and love for my African Grey and not just that you calmed me in a very stressed situation. To make a long story short - I followed your advice, took him to an avian veterinarian where he received numerous sessions of antibiotics, steam therapy and Cannula (intravenous fluids). Needless to say, with the therapy and your advice to supplement his diet with fruit, vegetables and healthy seeds (NO PEANUTS & NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS) my African Grey is a healthy, happy and content bird.

I could not resist taking Stoffel to the veterinarian who wanted to euthanize him and the vet was amazed at the recovery he made.

Thank you so much for all your assistance and advice.”


“I was totally uneducated about how complicated it is to care for a parrot properly, like your general public I was under the impression a parrot sits in a cage and eat whatever the pet shop recommends, LWP has opened a whole new world for me.

Whenever I doubt what is safe to feed my parrot, LWP is just a FB message away, I have learnt and are still learning so much from this group.

I have been privileged to receive 2 parrots from their adoption programme with zero fees payable, the parrots were first taken for a medical check-up before they were made available for me to adopt. Paid by the emergency fund of the group.

I am one of the benefactors of the emergency fund and can confirm undoubtedly that the funds are strictly used to assist birds in dire need of medical treatment, I myself have requested assistance for treatment of one of my parrots when I could not afford to pay for my parrot’s medical treatment, as a parrot owner they saved my "Child’s" life......This page is changing parrot lives daily, “


When I originally started to follow this group, I had an African Grey. His diet consisted out of the usual pet shop food as well as food from my table.

By following all the chats and information that was discussed and shared on this page I came to know that I was feeding my parrot unhealthy food. He died.

In my opinion is that this group’s very first priority is the wellbeing of our beloved parrots. We laughed and cried together on that group.... we exchanged information and tips. Really, according to me, it’s simply the best parrot group I could ever find.

I bought myself a new parrot now... with all the information I only got from this group, I wish to show you how my parrots tailfeathers improved.”


“As dit nie was vir LWP, Ilse Meyer en dr Coetzee nie, was my African Grey, Coco, seker nie met ons vandag nie. Ilse het my gehelp deur vir Coco 'n afspraak by die avian vet te kry op onkoste van LWP, want ek het nie 'n sent gehad nie (my werk a.g.v. lockdown verloor), sy het ook vir my stap-vir-stap gehelp deur LWP se fb blad, oor hoe om vir Coco vloeistof in te gee en te voer, al was sy bekkie gebreek. Dit het hom aan die lewe gehou tot hy dokter kon sien volgende dag. Na als wat uit liefde en omgee gedoen was om vir Coco se rekening te betaal ens, was daar ook deur LWP gereël vir vervoer vir my en Coco vanaf Mitchells Plain na Klapmuts. Vandag, 3 weke later, is my gaai 100% gesond en gelukkig. Sonder LWP was ek heel waarskynlik vandag sonder my Coco. Baie, baie dankie aan Ilse Meyer, Marissa Chozen, Byron, dr. Coetzee en LWP.”


“LWP is the best group on parrot advice. You can ask anything: If you are unsure or if you have a problem or if you even just want to show off your parrot. You get support from Ilse and her team almost immediately. Because of LWP I had physical proof to show other parrot owners the damage they are doing to their birds, and I also managed to change their minds to change the sunflower seed diets to either Natures Nest or Rani Herbs and seeds.

I would like to personally thank Ilse and her team for all the hard work they are doing and also for teaching me how to give my parrot the best life possible for as long as possible.”


“Due to your assistance my avian friends have made a great recovery and I am proud to say they no longer just eat seed. Since joining your Facebook group I am enlightened and now know that my birds cannot just consume sunflower seeds but require an additional diet of fruits, vegetables and nuts.

I would like to sincerely thank you for all your help and assistance the past two years.”


Frequently Asked Questions

First aid is the initial treatment given to an injured or ill bird during an emergency. The goal of first aid is to stabilize the bird until veterinary medical care can be provided.

First aid is not a substitute for qualified avian veterinary care.

A medical emergency is any serious, potentially life-threatening injury or illness that requires immediate attention.

Contact your veterinarian immediately if you observe any of the following symptoms:
• Bleeding that does not stop
• Difficulty breathing
• Extensive burns
• Loss of balance
• Deep cut or puncture wound
• Straining to pass droppings or an egg
• Ingestion/exposure to any potential poison
• Blood in droppings or regurgitated fluid

Contact your veterinarian the same day if you observe any of the following symptoms:
• Loss of appetite
• Eye injury or irritation
• Swallow a foreign object
• Fluffed and ruffled appearance
• Lameness or drooped wings
• Diarrhoea
• Self-mutilation
• Sudden swelling anywhere on the body
• Evidence of excessive thirst and/or urination

Experts agree that it is NOT advisable for parrot owners to cut or trim your parrot’s wings and/or trim and file your parrot’s beak and toe nails.
Special parrot groomers or avian vets are able to do this without traumatizing your bird.
Some of our avian groomers are able to assist in the proper grooming of your parrot.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you seek help/advice in this regard.

Yes, we are and our PBO Number is: 930068416.

Yes, LWP’s is registered with the CIPC as a non-profit company (NPC) with registration number 2018/418700/08.

Yes, LWP is entirely a private charity.

Yes, we are a s18(a) PBO and therefore donations made to LWP is tax deductible.

Laat Waai Papagaai is based in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa and although we do not have offices country-wide, our operations and network span across South Africa and even abroad.

LWP takes a broad and inclusive approach to parrots. We are dedicated to helping any parrot kept in a home environment.

Our focus is mainly on the promotion of responsible parrot ownership. We strive to educate and equip parrot lovers with the tools, knowledge and resources necessary to take care of one’s parrot. We do this by offering advice, training and other resources as well as by offering financial aid to parrots in need through our emergency fund.

We assist parrots in need of emergency medical care. Please visit our sickbay page or contact us immediately in order for us to assist you with your sick parrot.

Noodhulp is die aanvanklike behandeling wat aan ‘n beseerde of siek voël toegedien word tydens ‘n noodgeval. Die doel van noodhulp is om die voël te stabiliseer totdat die voël na die voëlveearts gebring kan word vir verdere mediese sorg.

Noodhulp is nie ‘n plaasvervanger vir kwalifiseerde mediese sorg deur ‘n voëlveearts nie.

‘n Mediese noodgeval is enige ernstige, moontlike Lewensbedreigende besering of siekte wat onmiddellike aandag verg.

Kontak u veearts onmiddelik indien u enige van die volgende simptome opmerk:
• Bloeding wat nie wil stop nie.
• Swaar asemhaling.
• Ernstige brandwonde.
• Verloor balans.
• Diep sny of wond.
• Sukkel om te ontlas of om ‘n eier uit te druk.
• Inname of blootstelling aan enige moontlike gifstof.
• Bloed in stoelgang of die opbring van vloeistof.

Kontak u veearts onmiddellik indien u enige van die volgende simptome opmerk:
• Slegte eetlus.
• Oogbesering/irritasie.
• Vreemde voorwerp gesluk.
• Verrimpelde voorkoms.
• Lamheid of vlerke wat hang.
• Diarree.
• Selfskending.
• Skielike swelling enige plek op die liggaam.
• Enige oordrewe dors of urinasie.

Kenners stem saam dat dit NIE aanbeveel word vir papegaai eienaars om self hul papegaaie se vlerke, snawel en toonnaels te knip NIE.
Spesialis papegaai en voëlversorgers en veeartse kan hierdie take verrig sonder om die papegaai te traumatiseer.
Van ons Papegaaiversorgers en lede kan help met hierdie versorgings aspekte.
Kontak ons gerus as u raad/advies benodig in hierdie opsig.

Ja, LWP is geregistreer by die CIPC as ‘n nie-winsgewende maatskappy met registrasie nommer 2018/418700/08.

Ja, LWP is ‘n privaat liefdadigsheidsorganisasie.

Ja, ons is ‘n A18(a) openbare welstandsorganisasie en donasies aan ons is belasting aftrekbaar.

LWP is gebaseer uit Centurion, Gauteng, maar ons operasies en netwerke neem ons regoor Suid-Afrika en ook verby ons grense.

LWP neem ‘n breë en inklusiewe benadering tot papegaai kwessies. Ons is toegewyd tot die bevordering van alle papegaaispesies se welstand.

Ons hooffokus is op die bevordering van verantwoordelike papegaai eienaarskap. Ons streef daarna om papegaai eienaars te leer en toe te rus met al die toerusting, kennis en hulpbronne wat nodig is om ‘n goeie Versorger vir jou papegaai te wees. Ons doen dit deur advies, opleiding en ander hulpbronne aan te bied, asook om finansiële bystand te lewer vir papegaaie in nood deur ons noodfonds.

Ons help papegaaie wat nood mediese sorg benodig.
Besoek ons siekeboegblad of kontak ons onmiddellik sodat ons u kan bystaan met u siek papegaai

Nee. LWP is toegewyd tot die bewaring van eksotiese voëls en dit gaan heeltemal teen ons mandaat. Ons dring dus daarop aan dat u eerder oorweeg om 'n papegaai aan te neem. Kontak u naaste voëlveearts of skuiling ten einde 'n goeie huis te bied aan 'n papegaai sonder 'n huis.