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Welcome to our sickbay. Part of what we do is to assist with parrot welfare. If you need help fund raising for an emergency trip to an avian vet or any other help with finding the right specialists, please click the link and fill out the sickbay report form.


LWP is committed to the health and welfare of avians. LWP is not a veterinary organisation. We neither claim/purport to have any veterinary qualifications nor certifications. LWP will always advise its members to consult with an avian and exotic SPECIALIST veterinarian to determine any diagnosis and treatment.

LWP is blessed with decades of personal experience and knowledge resulting from personal ownership and involvement within the exotic bird community. Our commentary and personal recommendations/testimonies are not to be considered veterinary advice. Please always defer to qualified experts for professional advice.

LWP is committed to working WITH veterinary specialists in order to facilitate the health and well-being of companion birds and those in the wild.
Any advice given or recommendations made on our forums or social media pages – is in no way intended to replace the advice, treatment and diagnosis provided by avian and exotic specialist veterinarians and does not necessarily reflect the views of the organization. It is important to stress that the views expressed on our forums are the views of the person posting it. Please be advised that if you follow any advice posted on the forum, you do so at your own risk. Therefore we urge the reader to always check with a qualified avian veterinarian before following any advice you read online.


When applying for financial assistance for veterinary care and the accounts that follow treatment: please take note that the following will be required:
Three months bank statements (along with those of partner/spouse)
A latest salary slip if applicable (along with that of partner/spouse)
A commitment undertaking in terms of repayment for those with the financial means to do so (as evaluated by LWP).
While the above requirements might sound harsh, LWP is committed to providing financial assistance to those who need it most and NOT those who can afford to pay, but don’t want to pay.
In too many instances, people have taken advantage of our assistance and financial reserves, resulting in the most vulnerable members of our group (and their birds) suffering.
Any attempts to defraud LWP or to provide false information in order to gain financial assistance will be investigated and reported to relevant authorities.
All applications are processed without fear or favour with the only requirement being a legitimate need for financial assistance.
Any queries in this regard can be forwarded to: